Layering necklaces is always trendy and is a great way to wear many of your favorite pieces at once in an ever-changing mix of combinations – what could be better? To layer a couple of necklaces together is a great alternative to wearing bigger statement pieces and it always looks classy and interesting. There are tons of ways to personalize – the options are endless, which makes it a lot of fun! The key to the layered look is to make it appear effortlessly chic, so before you layer every necklace you own, here are a few tips!

Go through your jewelry chest (and your mom's and your grand mom's!) to find unique pieces for layering necklaces.

Go through your jewelry chest (and your mom’s and your grand mom’s!) to find unique pieces.

Consider the top you are wearing

The top you wear together with the layered necklaces will work together and complement each other. Your top should not compete with the necklace, or vice versa. Select necklaces that ends up falling with some space to the neck line, and not right on it. If you are wearing a turtle neck, you might opt out of the choker style shorter necklace and select longer ones. If your top is patterned, you may need to consider selecting pieces that does not “disappear” against the fabric.

Start from the top and work your way down

The first necklace you choose should be the shortest.  A delicate, 14-15 inch choker style necklace in sterling silver or 18K gold plated works perfectly.

Mix it up with different lengths, metals, chains - the options are endless when layering necklaces.

Mix it up with different lengths, metals, chains – the options are endless.

Combine different chain lengths

Add necklace number two, choosing a longer piece. Even a couple of inches longer will work. Keep things interesting by choosing a different style of chain for your second layer – it also helps to reduce tangling. A classic bar necklace serves as a fantastic dividing point between pieces that fall close to the neck with 14″ chains, and pieces that are 20″ or longer. Last but not least, polish the look off with a lariat or a longer chain — perhaps pulled from your mother or grandmother’s jewelry chest.  Keep it personal and your necklaces will tell your story.

Learn about different chain lengths:

14″: This is a fun and flirty length that sits right on the collar bone and emphasizes the neck.
16″: This is the perfect everyday length with or without a pendant embellishment.
18″: It’s the perfect layer on any body type. At this length, your chain will just graze the top of your décolletage.
24″ or longer: This is your boldest and most versatile layer! The longer chains work well over a sweater or a turtle neck during the winter or dropped into a summer dress as a peek-a-boo chain.

Mix your metals

Do not be afraid of mixing metals. It may have been a big no-no in the past, but fortunately for us – not any more! Rose gold is a metal that works really well with both sterling silver and gold. Adding brass or copper to the mix also works wonders.

Feel free to break the rules

Does it still sound complicated? No worries, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to layering necklaces. And the few that do exist are just begging to be broken. Got a look you love? Just go for it!

Feel free to break the rules and create your a personal style that express who YOU are!

Feel free to break the rules and create your a personal style that express who YOU are!



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