How the collection was born

I just love flower jewelry. Always have, always will. To me, flowers are a symbol of strength, resilience and growth. It think it’s amazing how they claim space where they’re planted and through warmth from the sun, water from the skies, and energy from the soil – they grow tall and proud.

The flower itself was born as I was playing around with creative ways of stamping… and I liked the effect of the “flower within the flower” that appeared. The stamp that goes onto each leaf of the flower creates a negative space, which then in turn creates another image of a flower. Since I love the energy of gemstones, a 4 mm cabochon (that’s what we call gemstones that are flat on one side to allow them to sit in a setting) of garnet and labradorite, was the perfect finishing touch.

Check out some of the behind the scenes photographs below.

As always, thanks for being here! XOXO

Photo gallery

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