Lotus flower necklace {brass, sterling silver}


This lotus flower is stunning in every way. The chain and hook-clasp are oxidized sterling silver and the flower is hand sawed out of sheet metal. The brass version is covered with a protective clear coating, to keep the gold-like color. It will wear off with time and use, so try to avoid “harsh” use, lotions, perfume or swimming/showering with it. If the protection layer wears off, you can simply polish it with a polishing cloth to bring back the shine. Or, please contact me and I will re-apply the protection. But who knows… you may actually like the oxidized look – it is darker and more “organic” – but very nice as well.

The process of sawing, filing and polishing is time consuming, so know that you are wearing a truly unique and piece with plenty of love and soul put in to it. The flower pendant measures 2 inches (5.5 cm) in width, and is slightly less in height.

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Each piece is hand made by me in the studio in Perkasie, PA. There could be slight differences to the finished product compared to the photographs, due to the fact that I shape the metal by hand and every stone is unique by nature and have tiny differences. I believe that this is what makes the pieces truly beautiful, unique and personal. There is always plenty of love and attention to detail that goes into every single piece to make sure it will last for years to come.

Please, allow 3 weeks from the order date for this items to ship. I will try to ship it sooner if I can, but this is an intricate piece to make so I hope you can appreciate that each order take time. If you have a jewelry emergency (yes, I know it can happen!) send an email to [email protected] and I will do what I can to meet your needs.


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