New Heart collection is inspired by daily acts of love and kindness

New Heart collection is inspired by daily acts of love and kindness


Choose Love – Give Love

Don’t you agree that we need more love in the world? That is what inspired this new Heart collection. We can’t expect to make heroic deeds every day of the week – but we can certainly spread more love and joy to everyone around us. That could mean simple acts of kindness such as giving a smile to a person you meet on the street, or paying for someone’s coffee or perhaps helping someone in the parking lot load their groceries into their car. Shovel the snow for your elderly neighbor. Wave to the driver in the car that is letting you go in front of them…

When this new Heart collection was designed, I wanted to create a necklace as a beacon to radiate love and goodness out into the world. Maybe it sounds silly… but I really liked the thought. There are so many options for you to make this new necklace into a thoughtful and personalized “love beacon” lol, for a special friend, someone in your family, or hey – why not for yourself?! There are no shortage of options for these necklaces as they come in many variations as you can see here.

*** Check out the collection and all the options on the What’s New page.***

Rosegold bar with heart and rubies lifestyle

Rose gold bar with heart and rubies. Layer it up with longer necklaces.

Gemstones are both pretty and helpful

Whether you like gemstones and crystals for their beauty or for their healing properties, they are such a joy. You have the option of sapphires, rubies, moonstone or citrine traveling up the one side of the chain. Crystals carry energy and have a certain vibration. This energy continues to connect with you when you wear the crystals close to your skin or place them in your environment. The crystals pick up on your energy and vibration and can amplify this energy. I love to learn about crystals and gemstones and I should make a blog post just on that topic alone some time.

  • Sapphire; increases you mental clarity, enhances your memory and strengthens your motivation. Read more here. (link to crystalvaults.com)
  • Ruby; sends you springing into action, gives you the strength to take risks and try new things. Read more here. (link to crystalvaults.com)
  • Moonstone; connects with higher power, gives spiritual guidance and help to get in touch with your emotions. Read more here. (link to crystalvaults.com)
  • Citrine; helps you become more radiant and have a more optimistic attitude, enables you to analyze situations, digest information and help you find solutions to your problems. Read more here. (link to crystalvaults.com)
    Rose gold necklace with earrings

    Who’s not on the rose gold wagon yet? Consider to get on it. So pretty and works with everything. This bar is not stamped with an initial and it gives it a really nice and clean look.

Earrings to match – small but mighty

And of course – these pretty little earrings will complete the look if you are looking for a set. Very often, I get compliments on mine when I wear them – I think the shine and sparkle in the textured disc gets them noticed! Gotta love small and mighty, right!

Sterling silver necklace with earrings

I wear my sterling silver necklace with these earrings a lot. (My husband Chris thinks the C is for his name… Shhhhh… champagne, cats, cupcakes, coffee, cheese… the list is long.)

Let me know what you think

If you would like to use a gemstone for this necklace that I haven’t listed here yet, let me know in the comments below and I can see what I have in my “stash” of inventory. I do plan to add options for all the birthstones in the future. You can subscribe to this blog to get notified when more options become available.

Check out the collection and all the options on the What’s New page.

Thanks for staying with me to the end here… I hope you enjoy the rest of the day and don’t forget to make someone smile and spread that love!

Shine on,


“What good shall I do this day?” – Benjamin Franklin



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