The summer months around here means exciting travel for many of us. Whether you are taking a day trip to the beach, going on a long weekend in the mountains or jetting off on a two week excursion to a fancy international destination – the fact is that you need your jewelry to come along with you, right! So, I figured I’d offer up some tips when it comes to traveling with jewelry that I have accumulated over the years. No one wants to sit in the hotel room an untangle a bunch of necklaces chains that have morphed into a big ugly knot. But if you find yourself in that situation, I have a tip for that too. Read on.

Adventure begins

The adventure begins, indeed. Where are you and your jewelry off to this summer?


What not to bring

The first little rule of thumb, as boring and practical as it may sound, is to consider which jewelry NOT to bring. You don’t want to spend your time worrying about losing a precious piece of jewelry, whether it worth gazillions or has a precious sentimental value. Do the mental test of pretending that you will actually lose it. If you break out in a sweat and hives just thinking about it – leave it at home. Depending on where you are going, you could leave your wedding set at home and temporary replace with a stand-in wedding band or something fun, but less traumatic to lose.


Flexibility is your friend

Pack a few neutral pieces that can work well together and that also work with different outfits. Think smaller hoops, silver posts, silver necklace with matching bracelet… Then of course, don’t forget to pack a couple of fun, bigger, whimsical pieces as well, because that will be the icing on the cake for that particular evening outfit with those awesome shoes you are going to wear!


If you are on an active vacation

I love to wear jewelry all the time, which means also when I am hiking, exploring and when I am on the beach. If you are going to be active during the day, avoid the dainty stuff and opt for a bit heavier chains for your necklaces and earrings that have the French wire backs that close. Select rings that are a bit larger size wise (the one that spins on your finger in the cold season), and not too wide… This is not the time to sport all your eight stacking rings on one finger. If it is hot or humid outside and you are active on top of it, you’d like the extra room as your fingers may swell up a bit.

Girls on the beach

Plenty of rings and jewelry and at least one pair of $350 sun glasses (ehem…) have been lost in the ocean. Leave your dainty jewelry at home if you’re on an active vacation. Think: What would Super Woman wear?


Sleeping comfortably during travel

If your actual travel time by train, plane or car is hours and hours and hours (oh my) and you are planning on sleeping, the most important thing is to wear comfortable jewelry that doesn’t pinch, rub, hurt or irritate in any way. For me, that means that I never wear earrings with posts, or hard cuff bracelets. Both of those things drive me nuts if I am trying to get comfortable. You may not have as sensitive skin as I do (no one does, I think) but you get the gist – make sure you are comfortable!


Packing your jewelry so it doesn’t tangle

So. Back again to the situation where you’re stuck on the bed untangling your jewelry as your family and friends are exploring the lazy river and having margaritas. It is very simple to avoid this horrible scenario. Roll up each necklace and bracelet individually in a piece of tissue paper or cling wrap. For earrings, I normally make a “roll-up” of more than just one pair, but make sure that there is paper or cling wrap in between each piece. Another trick is to use a straw and loop the necklace through it and connect the clasp. The necklace will not be able to get tangled with itself, but it could get tangled with other necklaces (they’re evil like that), so if you use the straw technique, I would roll each necklace up separately in tissue paper as well.

Necklace in straw

String the chain through the straw, close the clasp and you’ll be tangle-proof!


The secret to untangling obstinate jewelry

If you didn’t read this post in time, and disaster has already struck in your jewelry bag, I have a trick for you. I actually learned this trick from an old boyfriends’ grandmother many many moons ago. Here goes: Undo the clasp if you can. Take a couple of drops of olive oil or baby oil and put on the knot and rub it in gently. It will loosen up the grip and make the chain more slippery and much easier to untangle. If you have a hairpin or two handy, it could help to use the pins to try to pull on the chain and get it to open up.


I hope this has helped in some way and that you will have a great travel and vacation time! And before you go – add your own invaluable travel tips in the comments below to help the rest of us out.


Shine on,


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